Enjoy the Fun and Excitement of Clay Target Shooting...

Whether you're a novice or an advanced shooter, having a firm understanding of the basics and fundamentals will certainly enhance your clay target shooting success and enjoyment.  Clay target shooting is gaining in popularity across Europe and America, and especially here in the Great Northwest and the Seattle area. Whether it's a small club shoot or a major national tournament, clay target shooting (in the form of Trap Shooting, Skeet Shooting, 5-Stand, or Sporting Clays) is something the whole family can enjoy doing together!

Men, women, and kids of all ages are getting hooked on the thrill and excitement of going out to their local gun club for a fun afternoon of turning clay targets into chips and dust balls.  I can provide you with a clear understanding of how each of the target games are played, and how to enjoy shooting them safely, correctly, and with success right from the start.  

Again, having a solid foundation in the basics and fundamentals of shooting clay targets will certainly ease that first-time intimidation or frustration you may have. If you want to get the most out of your shooting experience, both in the field or on the range... let me help you!  Just give me a call.

Student Feedback...

"I'm so glad I contacted you to be my Trap and Skeet instructor.  You're a very good instructor!  I'm grateful for your professionalism, your vast knowledge, your patience and humor, your encouragement, and especially your ability to make me feel relaxed and more comfortable about my shooting skills."   M.H., AZ

"Without a doubt trap shooting requires understanding and discipline to apply the fundamentals of the sport, but clearly the head game is the difference in becoming a proficient shooter.  Thank you for your most professional instruction on the range Friday.  You have that special skill of being deeply informative while making it all quite interesting and fun for the student."   M.H., AZ

“I met Frank yesterday as he was packing up from class and we started talking.  I found him to be extremely personable.  We talked for about 10 minutes and I mentioned some of the problems I was having and how my hit percentages had gone down recently.  He gave me a couple of tips which I applied to the next round I shot.  My score improved dramatically!  Thank you Frank and I look forward to signing up for one of your Individual Classes and learn much more from you."    T. L., WA

"My wife and I had a skeet lesson with Frank yesterday.  It was another fabulous lesson. This was the first time we had shot skeet and it was a blast.  Very challenging!  We’ve taken trap lessons from Frank over the past couple of years, and he is an awesome instructor.  If you’re interested in learning the fun sport of trap or skeet shooting, or if you just want to improve your game, I highly encourage you to take lessons from Frank.”   S. P., WA

“After a 40 year hiatus, I recently purchased a new shotgun.   After shooting a few boxes of shells, I realized I needed some coaching.  Frank immediately impressed me with his organization!  His presentation was well organized, methodical, and fun.  I hunted a lot as a kid but never had any formal instruction.  Frank is a natural teacher, and in just two hours he provided me with a sound foundation to reenter the clay target sports.”   D. V., WA 

I can’t say enough about how Frank changed my shooting.  It’s as if the light just came on for me, and I nearly doubled my current shooting score.  Now, I’m amazed if I miss a shot!  There was very good progression in the lesson, it all followed logically with tons of broken clay birds in the process.  Not only did the lesson exceed my expectations, it was fun at the same time.  I can’t thank you enough Frank, so I’ll be back for a Skeet lesson soon!”   M. C., WA 

“I was invited to join a group of friends for a pheasant and chukar hunt with hunting dogs.  I thought it would be great fun to try something new, but I had no idea how to shoot a shotgun or what to expect.  Franks a great teacher, and in just two lessons I learned enough to hold my own in the bird count.  More importantly, I learned how to work with dogs, and how give my hosts the confidence to not worry about me.   As a result, they weren’t concerned at all, and I had a great time!  That’s a lot of value in just two lessons, and I can’t wait to go back for more.”   B. B., WA

“My grandson was pumped when we left today.  He loved the experience of learning from you.  Right now his mind is a sponge so I'm sure what he learned today at age 12, will pay many dividends as time goes by and he grows up.  Many thanks for your good work!”   D. P., WA

“This winter I joined the Continental Trap League, and yesterday as I progressively got better, I shot a "25" straight on the last Trap.  I know you will pass it back to me, but thank you so much for the great instruction.  I am doing 100% better since you worked with me!”   S. K., WA

"Extremely skilled in both shooting and teaching... the perfect instructor!"
R. W., Stockholm, Sweden

"I was in a rut when I first met Frank.  Not only did he set me straight with my trapshooting, but he got me ready for my first pheasant hunt.  I nailed 3 pheasant and 1 chucker.  Frank has a clear and easy way of explaining the fundamentals of shooting a shotgun.  He's very patient and made it easy for me to feel relaxed and confident.  Obviously, it paid off!"   C. R., WA

"Great teachers make all the difference. You presented the fundamentals of the sport in a way that made perfect sense; and you guided me through crucial skills development with patience and humor. By the end of our training session, it all came together and I could see significant results. Claybrakn exceeded my expectations, so I'll be back for more.”   G. W., WA

“Without your instruction I would not be able to enjoy trap shooting! Thanks to you, I don't feel intimidated anymore shooting with strangers at the range. I enjoyed our time together, and would openly recommend your services to anyone wanting to improve their shooting ability. I was so impressed with your instruction I've decided to come back for a tune up this fall. My goal now, is to improve my skills so that I can compete in some of the club shoots as well as on the State level. Again, I feel your instruction was very helpful and worth the expenditure. One very satisfied client!”   J. B., WA

“Your instruction was great overall. You are a very good communicator! You noticed subtle things that needed improvement and was able to explain it in a way that made sense to me, and I could see the results!”  R. O., WA

"Great Instruction... Great Fun!  Thank you Frank!"   T. F. & K. K., Frankfurt, Germany

You do an excellent job conveying the skills and techniques necessary for learning how to use a shotgun successfully. Your communication skills are excellent, and it was easy to visualize what you communicated about hold points, leads, follow-through, etc. to improve my game.”  L. L., WA

“You were very helpful to me. I clearly understood what you wanted me to do. Proper set up, starting with the feet and getting the stock butt correctly in the shoulder pocket, etc., automatically translates into breaking more clays with center hits. The most valuable thing you taught me was holding a higher gun. That really has made a difference! "  C. L., WA

“I found your shotgun instruction highly informative and helpful in my quest to become a better Trap shooter. As a new shooter to the sport it is extremely important to receive basic lessons as a foundation to build upon later. I learned valuable techniques that I will use for years to come. I look forward to future instruction with you as I progress in the sport.”   S. R., WA

"On our way home after our shotgun lesson this morning my son and I talked about what a great day we had. Not often can a father reflect on days where his son says words like that.  You made our day! My son was extremely nervous about shooting a shotgun for the first time and you made him feel at ease and comfortable. You were very instrumental in my son and me continuing to shoot trap and skeet. Your knowledge of the sport, unique teaching ability and patience made for a great father and son day.  Thanks so much!”  S. C., WA

“Thanks again for a great morning! Out at the club yesterday I felt much more comfortable and took my time mounting the gun. I tried to be real smooth in my movements and really watched my foot position. I hit 10 straight right off and really powdered them, better than ever before, and the guys at the club noticed the difference. I'm more relaxed now, and not tired after three rounds. I need to really concentrate on improving my leads like you recommend. Great weekend!"  D. W., WA